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Omron Thermometers New Zealand

Omron Healthcare's thermometry products feature the latest technology in order to provide fast and accurate results. For flexibility in usage, the thermometers provide readings in both celsius and fahrenheit as well as lens probe covers for hygienic use.

Most importantly, Omron thermometers are easy to use and meet accuracy standards set by independent organisations globally.

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Omron MC-343 Digital Thermometer
CODE: Model MC-343

Fast 10 Second Readings* / Professional Accuracy / Flexible tip Omron MC-343 Digital Thermometer The Omron MC-343 Digital Thermometer is quick, professionally accurate and includes a flexible tip for comfort of...

Omron MC-341 Digital Thermometer
CODE: Model MC-341

Fast 10 Second Readings / Professional Accuracy / Last Reading Recall Omron MC-341 Digital Thermometer The Omron MC-341 digital thermometer provides quick 10 second readings,* with professional accuracy. Product...

Omron MC-246 Digital Thermometer
CODE: Model MC-246

60 Second Readings / Professional Accuracy / Last Reading Recall Omron MC-246 Digital Thermometer The Omron MC-246 digital thermometer offers a safe, accurate and quick temperature reading. Fast 60 second readings...

Omron TH839S Ear Thermometer

9 Sets memory / 1 Second Quick Measurement / Fever Alarm with Beeper TH839S Ear Thermometer The Omron Ear thermometer provides quick 1 second readings, with professional accuracy. Gentle temperature measurement for... (Division of Julie's Pharmacy). Website by Jonah & Associates